Digital Marketing Challenges: Gaining trust from Clients

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It can be super tricky to gain the trust of a new client when you have no proof that the work being done is going to get them the results they are looking for.

The fact that there are many agencies out there who rip clients off, promising them the world doesn’t help either.

By the time you get your new client, they have most probably worked with a few social media or digital marketing “experts” who have let them down, and have tainted their opinion of you before you even start working on their account.

Gaining trust is one of the most significant challenges we face in our industry, so, we sat down with one of our senior digital marketing managers Pia Briscoe to find out how she overcomes this. Here are her 3 top tips:

1.    Manage their expectations

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is by telling your new client how incredible your agency is and all the fantastic things you can do for them – chances are, they’ve heard it all before.

“I prefer to turn my focus away from myself and our agency and put it on them instead. Ask your new client about their past experiences with other agencies. Ask them what worked and what didn’t work, and ask them what their main objectives are” says Pia.

“Once they have told you, then ask them why? Ask them if they think their main objective will get them more sales. Ask them what their sale goals and return expectations are. It’s all about managing expectations.”

2.    Customise your services

Again, this comes down to your new client having a bad experience previously. At Deeply Digital, our solution to gaining a clients trust is by offering them a fully customisable package.

“You can gain their trust while showing your value by offering your new client a fully customised marketing strategy and experience,” says Pia.

“I like to let my client know that because their business is unique, they deserve a custom strategy. There’s no one-size-fits-all in digital marketing. The online space is incredibly competitive, so you need to use your clients’ authenticity as a tool to help them stand out. Develop and implement a digital marketing strategy that drives traffic and increases leads and conversions unique to them.”

3.    Give them referrals

Lastly, one of the most effective ways to gain trust from a new client is by offering them a list of client referrals to look at.

This should be fair and balanced evidence of how you have helped others reach their business growth goals in the past.

“I’ve found that the more in-depth these referrals are, the easier it is to start gaining trust from my new client,” says Pia.

You’ll find that clients are more understanding than we give them credit for. Be upfront and honest about what you can do for them and never give them empty promises. This also comes down to what is sold to them on that initial sales call. Our advice? Be open with your team too. Advise your colleagues in sales not to oversell prospective clients as failed relations will only hurt your agency in the long run. Be realistic about what you can achieve and establish a clear picture of what is expected of you.

The two most valuable tips to take away from this article:

–    Be transparent and establish clear goals with your client

–    Customise your client’s strategy and experience

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