Digital Marketing Challenges: Brands That Can’t Use Paid Advertising

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Digital marketing is fast-growing and offers small businesses platforms to establish an online presence. From social media content to newsletters and blogs, your small business can thrive when using the right digital marketing activity.

You have probably seen a few ads across Google and social networks and maybe you are considering these for your business. You’ve probably asked yourself, ‘does my business need paid advertising?’ Well, what works for another business might not be the best option for you.

This blog looks at one of the many digital marketing challenges; brands that can’t use paid advertising. Our paid advertising champion at Deeply Digital, Josh Riley, has answered a few questions to clear the confusion.

What paid advertising options are available for small businesses?

The options available are Google pay-per-click advertising, display advertising, Facebook ads, Twitter advertising, Instagram advertising, and remarketing. These are dependent on the nature of the business, budget and the objective.

  • Google pay-per-click: This is also known as PPC. The goal here is to appear on the first page of Google’s search engine results page. No one really checks the second page, right?
  • Display advertising: This involves advertising on a site relevant to the business. The ads are displayed in the form of banners that vary in size.
  • Facebook ads: Depending on the business objective, Facebook affords businesses various opportunities to advertise on the channel. Examples include page like ads where the business pays per page like.
  • Twitter advertising: This involves promoting tweets to generate more engagement on important tweets.
  • Instagram advertising: Other than boosting posts, businesses have the option to generate traffic to either their website or their profile.
  • Remarketing: This is probably the most important. Once people have already visited or taken action on the business’ website, a related ad can be remarketed to them. Platforms like Google and Facebook make this available to their advertisers.

Which businesses or brands can’t use paid advertising?

Facebook and Google have strict policies about the ads they allow. Businesses or brands that offer tobacco products, drugs and drug-related products (yep, even prescription), unsafe supplements, weapons and ammunition, or hidden surveillance equipment are prohibited.

Ads go through a review process, so there is no getting away with it. The policies for more detailed processes and content types are available on each respective platform.

If your business offers products and services in good faith, you will most likely be able to use paid advertising. If you can’t, it doesn’t mean other options are not available to you.

What alternative do these businesses or brands have?

They may choose digital PR, link building or content marketing among many other alternatives. Working with an agency exposes your business to digital marketing experts who will strategise the best options and activity for your business.

Careful consideration must be taken when choosing paid advertising. Look at where your target audience exists, what their online behaviour is and whether your budget will meet your objectives.

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